A Japanese family with a monkey Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706–1775), Peter Reinicke ( 1711–1768) and Friedrich Elias Meyer (1724–1785)

17 x 0 cm (6 ³/₄ x 0 inches)


A Japanese Family with a Monkey
Model by Johann Joachim Kaendler (Fischbach 1706–1775 Meissen), Peter Reinicke (Danzig 1711–1768 Meissen), and Friedrich Elias Meyer (Erfurt 1724–1785 Berlin), c. 1746
Manufacture and decoration, Meissen, c. 1746–50

H. 16.5 cm

For comparison:
Basel, Pauls-Eisenbeiss Foundation; Offenburg, Franz E. Burda

Graphic source:
Although a great number of chinoiserie groups were modelled
after French prints, some also exist which stylistically differ considerably from the figures after Boucher. Those carry, however,
in terms of composition as well as figural concept distinct features
of the so-called Höroldt chinoiseries. For the presented group an etching by Johann Gregorius Höroldt (Jena 1696–1775 Meissen) may be assumed. It may be suggested that the modellers, despite the disagreement between Höroldt and Kaendler, also resorted to the excellent drawings of the Meissen painters’ studios.


REF No. 0377