An octagonal coffee pot

Boettger stoneware, Meissen c. 1710-1715
Model by Johann Jacob Irminger (1635-1724)
Height 16.7 cm (6.57 in.)


When Johann Jakob Irminger was looking for suitable models for Böttger stoneware and Böttger porcelain, he drew primarily on his own repertoire as the Dresden court goldsmith. When creating the model for this coffee pot, for example, he adopted a contemporary silver form. The eight-cornered, pear-shaped vessel stands on a moulded foot ring and has a domed cover with a pointed finial. The side panels of the pot, which are framed by narrow bands, are decorated with a wickerwork relief, while those on the cover have a diaper pattern. While the handle takes the form of a downward-curving scroll, the curved octagonal spout issues from the open mouth of a fish with scales, hatching, spots and clearly marked eyes. This detail originated in the Chinese porcelain tradition, with which Irminger was familiar through pieces in the Royal Collection of Augustus the Strong (Dresden  1670–1733  Warsaw). Irminger was aware of the king’s love of all things oriental, but as there were no Chinese or Japanese coffee pots for him to use as models, he added at least this exotic element to his design for execution in Böttger stoneware.


REF No. 2030