A bonheur du jour Pierre Denizot (1715 - 1782)

Paris, Louis XVI period, c. 1780

Stamped "P·DENIZOT" (multiple times)
H. 93 cm (36½ in.), w. 43.5 cm (17⅛ in.), d. 38 cm (15 in.)


Carcase: oak
Veneers: kingwood, rosewood, satinwood, maple, box, partially stained
Mounts: bronze, cast, chased and gilded (ormolu)
Lining: brown morocco leather, stamped gold ornamentation

This piece of furniture is a typical example of Parisian cabinetmaking of the époque Louis Seize and in its linear construction is in full accord with the Neoclassical stylistic canon.

REF No. 606